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The heartbreaking conclusion to the 2016 Ohio State high school football season came in the final game of the regular season on Saturday night. Central Central won its first-ever state title in Division I, but not without some of the disappointment.

The town was founded in 1815 and has been a small municipality for more than 150 years, known mainly for its agriculture. One of the prominent reasons families prefer this city to other cities to move and settle in is family, friends and the surrounding area. The proximity to Columbus has made it attractive for families to settle here.

We pride ourselves on the landscaping throughout the city and enjoy getting to know our neighbors, and many come to raise their families and graduate. It is special to live in a community and to live a few years away from home. Once people move there and live there, they stay long enough to take strong roots in the community.

Ohio State University, which is obviously close to Columbus, is a great place for students to get a higher education. The graduation rate is high, with most children attending various colleges in Ohio and even outside the state.

Students plan to leave Lancaster High School in the fall of 2017 with a degree in English, English language or English literature. They are among a group of students who plan to graduate from Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree next May.

All Fairfield County High School graduates are residents of Rushcreek Township, and all post-high school students are at least three years past their first year of high school.

All Paul D. Beck recipients must be students at a high school in Fairfield County, Ohio, and all students must live in Jackson Township, Perry County. All students majoring in education or business and county residents who are supervised by the Hocking Valley Dental Association. Students must have completed a university degree in the first year of their studies, have started their freshman semester or have attended a school that meets the above criteria.

He graduated from Ohio University with a journalism degree in 2010 and decided that writing was not his career. He set up an account on Twitter exclusively for Ohio State football and continued to focus on the growth of the team's Instagram and Facebook pages. After spending six years in Arkansas to further develop his skills and expand his role, he posted a job ad at the University of Arkansas.

Some Fairfield County residents are seeking to expand their careers and pursue nursing, teaching and training. Some Fairfields County employees have committed to pursuing a nursing career, and some of our high school graduates want to go to college to graduate in firefighting science or pursue a career in the fire department. Others, like former Ohio State football players, attend vocational schools or colleges that are pursuing degrees in science.

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and high quality childcare to all children, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic status.

The Elizabeth and Libby Murry Scholarship is awarded to Logan High School as a senior participating in a college preparatory program and attending a public or private college or university in the United States or Canada. The D. Eugene Ward Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a senior of Fairfield Christian Academy who has attended college-preparatory programs and who attends a private or public high school in Ohio or the US State University of Ohio. This scholarship is granted in accordance with the way in which the residents of Fairfield, as described, have completed the high schools of the county in this way.

Fairfield Union High School graduated with special regard for the residents of the former Pleasantville school district. The student has lived in the Pickerington School District, graduated from high school and attended high school, while enrolling in an agricultural vocational training program that is not offered at any of Pickerington's schools. A student who has a degree and lives and / or studied and / or lived in another county and who has attended or attended a high school in Ohio or the US State University of Ohio by enrolling in a vocational or agricultural degree program or a vocational or agricultural school, except in vocational and agricultural programs not available in Pickerton schools or in private or public colleges.

Preference is given to students who wish to attend Ohio Northern University, taking into account students from the Pickerington School District and the former Pleasantville School District.

Canal Winchester High School offers a scholarship to older female graduates who have a good academic reputation and are also in their prime. This scholarship is awarded to graduates and their families, as well as to their parents and grandparents.

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More About Pickerington