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This is a list of the best hotels in Pickerington, Ohio, a small town in southern Ohio. It has a population of about 2,500 people and a total of four hotels, all located in one of the two main areas of the city: the city centre and the city centre.

There is a variety of shopping and dining options, including a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and a number of hotels in the city center. Pickerington also has a great shopping centre with a wide selection of shops and restaurants, and there is also ironing facilities and a large grocery store.

Each suite has a spa bath, refrigerator and microwave, and the reception offers free photocopying and fax services. Superior King Size rooms have a large bed, en suite bathroom, en suite bathroom and shower. All rooms have Wi-Fi and ironing facilities, and small pets are welcome for an additional fee. Each room has air conditioning, air conditioning, hot and cold water and has access to a hot tub, shower and iron, as well as a large grocery store. Wi-Fi and internet access are free of charge and all suites and suites have spa tubs, refrigerators and microwaves, as well as a variety of amenities.

There is also a large grocery store with a variety of food and beverages, as well as free photocopying and fax services.

Autumn is also an excellent time to see the beautiful autumn leaves of the area and enjoy the cool but not too cool weather. Spring can be celebrated with the Maple Cone Festival in March, and you can enjoy the free Community Days Festival in The weather is ideal for outdoor activities in summer, when it is warm enough to hike, bike and camp. Flights to and from the hotel are usually the cheapest in October, and last year a two-star hotel in Pickerington could cost as much as $87.54 a night.

East is one of the top rated independent hotels in Ohio based on customer reviews over the past 365 days, and there are more than 1,000 reviews on TripAdvisor for its hotels. East is the second best hotel in Pickerington with a 1.5 rating score based on customer reviews. Marriott and Starwood - branded hotels are the most popular hotels with the highest satisfaction scores in Ohio. There are over 2,500 reviews for the Best Western branded hotel and over 3,400 for Marriott, but there have been few complaints about the customer service and experience of the hotel.

Comfort Suites Columbus Airport East is one of the most popular hotels in Pickerington with a 1.5 rating based on user reviews, and is the best Choice hotel in Ohio with over 1,000 TripAdvisor reviews for its hotels in the past 365 days. The top rated hotels in the city with the highest satisfaction scores from IHG are HotelPlanner's top five hotels for the past year and Ohio's top ten hotels of all time based on the hotel planner's rating. There are more than 2,500 reviews for Choice and Express Express hotels and over 3,400 for their hotels, but they are among the most unpopular hotel brands in terms of customer service and experience.

Comfort Suites Columbus Airport East is one of the most popular hotels in Pickerington and has received a 1.5 rating based on user reviews. However, it is the least popular hotel in the city with an average rating of 0.7.

Pickerington has many fun festivals throughout the year, including the annual Ohio State Fair, Ohio River Festival and Columbus International Film Festival. You can also take trips to the picturesque covered bridges in the area, take flight lessons or even go scuba diving to welcome you to the city.

There are many cheap hotels in Pickerington that are perfect for people who need a comfortable place to rest after a busy day. You can get a free night at La Quinta Inn through their La QuintA Returns program, and points never expire. Each room has its own bed, bath, shower, linen and other amenities, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.

This chart can be used to calculate the cheapest dates for a future trip to Pickerington. The average group discount is about nine percent, but you can get a discount if you stay longer than one night. You can either get the discount for a single night or a group of up to five people for $1,000 per night, or discounts for two nights or more for just $500.

Red Roof Inn Columbus East also houses one of Pickerington's most popular restaurants, with a good selection of craft beers and wines. Restaurants nearby include the Olde Towne Inn, New York Cafe and Bebe's, as well as a few other local restaurants.

The largest event space, but the smallest is the Adena Hall, which covers an area of 200 square metres. There is an outdoor pool and video games in the room, and pets are welcome at no extra charge.

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More About Pickerington